100% Plants Extract Ionization and Biotechnological
Formulation all the way from Japan,
researched and formulated for your own ease.
We will let you have a better living.

Unique Features

♥ 100% plants extract

♥ Non Alcohol

♥ Eliminates Odor

♥ Kills 99.99% Germs

♥ Respond in 30 sec


♥ Ionization & biotechnological formulation from Japan

♥ DATA APPROVED BY: Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan

♥ CERTIFIED BY Sunao Kubota A PhD holder in Medicine,Japan

Self & Care

♥ Disinfects & Protects Against Virus Infection

♥ Eliminates Odor (eg: Cigarette Smoke Smell Food Stench etc)

♥ Rejuvenates, Purifies & Refreshes Air Quality

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