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If you have a pet, (puppy, kitten, an elderly pet, or a pet still mastering his potty training skills) you’ve dealt with pee pee in the house. Depending on what surface they goes on, and how long it takes before you realize it, that stubborn pee smell can really stick around! But it doesn’t have to.

We’ve BIOION Pet Pounce Pet Sanitizer to get pee smell out of your house for good.

A key to pet’s hygiene is to prevent most germs, bacteria and infections. Anyone owns a pet or runs a kennel, catteries, pet shop, veterinary facility, animal shelter, pet resort or boarding kennel should understand the general principles of cleaning and sanitizing and then learn how to select and use the most effective cleaning products.

By keeping a constantly sanitary kennel, you will keep the vet away and build a strong protective barrier against a wide series of enemies that threaten your pet, food, drinking water and environment.

The Difference between Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning is the first step that removes dirt such as stains and odors caused by vomit, urine, hair, etc. You can remove the dirt by flushing water, wash off with cleanser, vacuum or wipe the surface with wet cloth and etc.

Sanitizing is the next step that target germs, viruses, bacteria and other microscopic living organisms, by limiting their development and destroying as many as possible.

For a comprehensive sanitisation of your pet areas, we suggest to use a pet sanitiser after cleaning.

Does Pet Sanitizer Need to Be Environmental Friendly?

It needs to be environmental friendly because you and your pet will be in contact with these products. You should choose to use products that are eco-safe, alcohol-free and natural plant base extracted over synthetic and chemicals.

Deep clean and sanitize your pet's area, kill germs that could harm you or your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, hamster or guinea pig. With safe, effective BIOION Pet Pounce Pet Sanitizer, you can eliminate odors, as well as germs that can be dangerous to your pets and your family.

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