How to Choose The right Sanitizer for your Baby?

How to Choose
The right Sanitizer for your Baby?


Hand sanitizers are common options to antibacterial soap
for parents and especially during travelling.

Have you ever concerns
HOW SAFE are these hand sanitizers?

There are many sanitizers which contains alcohol and others chemical to boost bacterial resistance. However, these chemicals may pose poisoning risks to babies who place everything in their mouth. Sanitizer that contains alcohol often dries up babies’ young skin and may lead to more skin irritations.

Thus we have sourced BIOION Baby Sanitizer that is
100% plant based formulation from Japan, non-alcohol, non-fragrance and halal certified.

Baby Room, Cot, Mattress & Clothes Closet

Baby Dining Area, Cutlery Set, Baby Chair & Table


Playing Area, Play Mat, Toys & Sofa


Outing, Stroller, Car Seat, Travel


- Disinfect & Protects against virus infection
- Eliminates Odour (cigarette’s smoke smell, BBQ smell)
- Rejuvenates, Purifies & Refreshes Air Quality
- 100% Plants Extract
- Ionization & Biotechnological
- Formulation from Japan


1. Sanitizer can be use after tending to someone who is ill, sterilize and treating a wound.

2. Use hand sanitizer after using the toilet or changing dirty diapers, blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, handling an animal, and handling the garbage.

3. Frequently use hand sanitizer during the contagious period of any illness/ influenza. Apply enough hand sanitizer to both hands and then rub your hands together for 20 seconds or until the hand sanitizer dries.

4. Air- travel / Travelling to high risk abroad countries and to prevent:

- Dermatological conditions, including animal and arthropod bites, cutaneous larva migrans, and sunburn
- Systemic febrile illnesses, especially malaria
- Respiratory disorders
- Diarrhea illnesses


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