Do you know about Pet’s Sanitizer Wet Wipes?

Cleanliness for Ear, Eye, Fur, Body, Skin


For Dirt on Paws, Soles & Floor


Cat Resting Area, Bed & Mat


Why Use BIOION Pet Pounce Wet Wipes?

BIOION Pet Pounce Wet Wipes are highly recommended by pet groomers, it is suitable for use all over your cat, dog, bird, reptiles and amphibians.
These non-toxic and non-alcohol wet wipes are safe to use on puppies and kittens.

  • Eliminate odour

  • Respond in 30 seconds -Refresh and cleanse quickly and easily

  • Kills 99.9% Germs


BIOION Pet Pounce wet wipes are suitable for quick clean ups. Wet wipes works well on surface dirt, or dirt floating on your pet. They’re also helpful for cleaning and sanitizing small areas, such as dirty paws or mud on your pet’s muzzle. In summary, wet wipes are perfect for spot cleaning and disinfecting.

By far, pet wipes are mostly used for wiping dirty hands and feet after some outdoor activities. You never know what his hands and feet may have come into contact with. If you don’t wipe off the dirt, it will track inside your home.

Pet Wipes Vs. Baby Wipes

You might be thinking what are the differences between pet wipes vs baby wipes. It’s always best to use products made exclusively for pets because pets have a different needs than humans. Plus, I understand the thought process of “If it’s good enough for a newborn baby, then it must be fine for my pet.” Hold on though. Pets are different than babies; babies don’t regularly hang out on the outdoor ground.

Try on BIOION Pet Pounce Wet wipes, they are alcohol-free and 100% plant based. Wet wipes that contains alcohol and chemicals may pose poisoning risks to pets that lick themselves. Wet wipes that contains alcohol often dries up pets’ skin and may lead to more skin irritations.

If your pet develops a rash or any other skin issue from wet wipes, please discontinue use immediately. All pets are different, so they react differently to products.

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